Work crew strikes 4-inch gas line; police seal off 10th Street

A work crew struck a gas line this morning, forcing Columbus police to seal off a section of 10th Street at Sixth Avenue.

The area was already under construction to complete a sewer project when the construction crew struck a 4-inch natural gas line about 11 a.m.

Joel Ames, public affairs manager for Atmos Energy, said the smell of gas was strong enough that officials shut off the gas in the area shortly after the line was struck. Traffic in the area was temporarily rerouted.

Police Capt. J.D. Hawk said TSYS employees evacuated the building for about 30 minutes. "It was by choice," he said.

Activity continued as usual across the street at the Public Safety Center.

Ames said it usually takes an hour and a half to two hours to dig out and repair a line.

Traffic and activity were back to normal in the area just after noon.