Toddler with no shoes found wandering on Dell Drive

A Columbus man found a 2-year-old girl with no shoes or jacket wandering on Dell Drive Monday, police said.

The child was with the neighbor about 20 minutes before police arrived and later found Kevin Upchurch, the child's uncle and babysitter, asleep with a door left open. Upchurch, 23, was charged with reckless conduct for allowing the child to leave the home.

Police were called just before 1 p.m. about a toddler carrying a large umbrella as she walked north on Dell Drive. The neighbor who found the girl knocked on several doors but no one knew the toddler. Police found the open door at 1803 Dell Drive with children's toys inside.

That's when they learned the uncle took some medicine and fell asleep. Upchurch said he never heard the child leave the home.

The child was turned over to a another family member while Upchurch was ordered to appear in Recorder's Court on Jan. 23 to face the reckless conduct charge.