Cedartown woman nabbed with marijuana at Government Center checkpoint

A Cedartown, Ga., woman was jailed Wednesday after she attempted to enter the Columbus Government Center with more than an ounce of marijuana for her boyfriend, a Muscogee County Prison inmate.

Jamie Michelle Tudor was stopped about 10 a.m. at the south entrance of the building after the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office received information that she was in possession of marijuana, Sheriff John Darr said during a news conference. She was questioned by sheriff’s deputies and charged after they found marijuana during a search.

Tudor was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and crossing the guard line with contraband. Both charges are felonies, the sheriff said.

Darr said the drug with a street value of $300 would have been left in a location inside the Government Center and later retrieved by the inmate.“The security measures in place, they work,” Darr said. “This is an education right here. With the right procedures in place, you catch a lot of stuff. This is the first time we had something like this.”

The inmate was not identified, but Deputy Muscogee County Prison Warden Sherman Thomas said the inmate was in isolation today. He was one of about 20 inmates doing various duties at the Government Center. The inmate will be given a drug test and transferred to another facility.

Thomas said the public should have no personal dealings with inmates because it’s a felony to give anything to an inmate.

If anyone has information about an inmate, you should call the prison, Thomas said. “Call us at the Muscogee County Prison and we can investigate,” he said.

The drug seizure occurred at the Government Center because security measures make it more difficult to bring drugs into the prison. The value of marijuana in prison goes up to $3,500.