Music promoter pleads not guilty to more child molestation charges

Music promoter Stevie Porter pleaded not guilty Friday to additional charges accusing him of videotaping young boys and allowing them to engage in sexual activity at his home on Forrest Road.

Porter, 40, pleaded innocent to one count each of child molestation, sexual exploitation of children, interference with custody, unlawful eavesdropping, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and possession of marijuana. Recorder’s Court Judge Mary Buckner bound all the charges over to Muscogee Superior Court.

Police Detective Valerie Holder told the judge the latest charges stem from a continuing investigation after Porter was arrested on similar charges on Feb. 6. Two days after Porter was charged, Holder said the mother of 17-year-old said her son may have been meeting with Porter. During an interview with the teen on Feb. 13, Holder said the boy had met with Porter about two years talking about music. At Porter’s 6832 Forrest Road home, the teen said he watched videos of men and women having sexual intercourse.

Police were able to identify another victim while going through a cassette found at Porter’s home during a search. On the recording, Porter was asked to come and pick up a teen from a high school in Columbus. Holder said police located the 16-year-old and learned the boy came to Porter’s home where he was given alcohol and marijuana and allowed to engage in sexual acts.

On another occasion, Porter took a boy home on the morning of Dec. 8, after he spent the night at his home. Porter didn’t have permission from the boy’s parent to be at the home. “He told his parents he was at Mr. Porter’s residence,” Holder said.

Porter was represented by attorney Clark Adams of Columbus. Porter didn’t testify.