Police: Pregnant teen 'brainwashed' by statutory rape suspect

Investigators discovered efforts to keep a 19-year-old sex offender away from a pregnant teen failed when the 14-year-old girl received treatment at St. Francis Hospital in late April, according to court testimony.

Luke Santos-Windley faced statutory rape charges during a Friday morning Recorder's Court hearing. A registered sex offender, Santos-Windley was charged with child molestation in 2013 for crimes against the same victim.

Police were called to St. Francis on April 19 after the victim told workers she had injuries which stemmed from having sex with Santos-Windley the day before. When medical professionals pressed her for details, she said, "If I keep talking about this he's going to go to jail for a stay away order," an officer told the court.

Despite the restraining order issued after his conviction, investigators say Santos-Windley remained in constant contact with the victim. Numerous text conversations were discovered on the victim's phone, the officer told the court.

On April 18, the victim said her father brought Santos-Windley to his home. The victim's father and Santos-Windley are friends, an officer told the court, and often spend time together.

While at her father's home, the victim said Santos-Windley had sex with her. The officer told the court Santos-Windley admits he was at her father's house, but said he was unaware the victim would be there. The suspect says he never spoke with her once he arrived.

The victim's other legal guardians were unaware she was with Santos-Windley, according to court testimony.

An officer testified that Santos-Windley has "brainwashed" the victim. He is accused of convincing the victim she must stay in contact with him while she carries his child.

"He is very abusive and controlling," the officer said. "He also has a history of suicidal behavior and mental issues. When he met with us, he threatened to kill himself if he went back to jail."

Judge Michael Joyner set a $5,000 bond for Santos-Windley's charge.