Court: Accused child molester admits to impregnating 12 year old

Family members sobbed and screamed during a Friday hearing when police testimony revealed 21-year-old Leabert Fray confessed to molesting and impregnating a 12-year-old girl in her home off Susan Lane.

Fray pleaded guilty to two counts of child molestation and not guilty to one count of aggravated child molestation during his Recorder’s Court hearing.

A detective told the court she was called out to a doctor’s office Wednesday after a pediatrician discovered the victim was 20 to 21 weeks pregnant. The victim told police Fray molested her at least three times between November and February.

Fray later told police he had sex with the victim five times during that time period, according to court testimony.

When the detective relayed Fray’s interview to the court, several attendees began wailing loudly. One family member shouted at Fray and started toward him, leading deputies to remove both the family member and Fray from the court room. Fray later was allowed to return to the court room after the uproar dissipated. The interruption lasted around five minutes.

During his hearing, Fray told the court that he pleaded not guilty to the aggravated child molestation because he “couldn’t have assaulted her, because if she didn’t want it she would have kicked or screamed.” The detective testified that the victim repeatedly told investigators Fray performed the acts against her will, contradicting Fray’s claims.

Judge Michael Cielinski set a $50,000 bond on Fray’s child molestation charges. The Muscogee County Superior Court will set the bond on his remaining charge.