Court: Battery suspect attempts escape through kicked-out patrol car window

A 28-year-old man accused of battery attempted to evade arrest Sunday by kicking out the patrol car window and crawling through shattered glass, according to court testimony.

Leon Shack faced several charges during a Monday morning Recorder's Court hearing, including three counts of interference with government property, escape and battery with physical harm.

Police first arrested Shack after officers were dispatched to the intersection of 24th Street and 15th Avenue in reference to a domestic dispute. After learning that Shack punched his 33-year-old girlfriend in the face. When an officer attempted to detain Shack in his patrol vehicle, he repeatedly kicked at the window until it shattered, according to court testimony.

Officers attempted to curb Shack's outburst after informing him the damage would cost him an additional charge, but the suspect's attempts to escape did not abate. He continued his assault on the patrol car until he kicked out the window frame. An officer told the court Shack then attempted to crawl through the opening, cutting himself on the glass numerous times in the process.

During Monday's hearing, Shack told the court that he did not abuse his girlfriend, saying she attacked him first while they argued about a party she attended.

"I didn't mean to hit her, but she hit me first," Shack said.

Judge Michael Cielinski set a $21,000 bond on Shack's charges. His case will be forwarded to the Muscogee County Superior Court.