Court: Man steals woman's debit card at Tax Doctor office

Police say a 30-year-old man bought almost $150 worth of children's shoes after stealing a woman's debit card from the Tax Doctor office in February, according to court testimony.

Michael Haggins faced three counts of financial transaction fraud and one count of financial transaction card theft during a Tuesday morning Recorder's Court. He is additionally charged with several unrelated traffic charges, according to the Muscogee County Jail.

The victim first noticed the fraudulent charges after leaving the University Avenue business on February 5, an officer told the court. The charges included $55 charged at a Circle K, $144.40 at Kids Foot Locker and $72 worth of clothes at Citi Trends.

After reviewing security tape at each location, officers noted the same man purchasing goods shortly after the victim reporting her card stolen, according to court testimony.

An employee with the Tax Doctor later told police Haggins was the next customer served after the victim, an officer told the court. Within moments of meeting with the employee, Haggins is accused of excusing himself to go to the restroom. Instead of using the men's facility, he used the women's. Police suspect he found the victim's wallet at this time, according to court testimony.

Haggins was arrested for an outstanding warrant Sunday during a traffic stop near Benning Drive. He is charged with DUI, improper tail lights, improper head lights and no state driver's license in connection with that stop.

Judge Michael Cielinski set Haggins' bond at $11,800.