Report: Fulton inmates caught in intercourse after picking cell lock

A convicted murderer was caught having sex with another inmate in the Fulton County Jail last week, according to authorities — although that account is disputed by the murderer in question, Norris Speed, who said that he wasn't able to “to do anything” before being found by deputies.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Speed picked the lock to his cell in order to make a phone call. En route, he found Jasmine Jones and invited her back to his cell.

Jones was out of her cell to shower. Both inmates were in the jail's medical wing.

“(Jones) stated that inmate Speed popped opened the side door and told her to come into his cell. Inmate Jones then stated that she was tempted and let the lust get the best of her.,” Sheriff Deputy Michael Watts wrote in the official incident report, obtained by the AJC on Monday.

"She willingly entered inmate Speed’s cell although she was extremely nervous," Watts wrote.

Watts found the pair in Speed's cell, according to the report. Speed denied sexual contact. Jones confirmed it.

Speed was convicted of murdering Atlanta police Officer Niles Johangten in 1991 and has been sentenced to death. Jones was booked into the jail on murder and robbery charges in October 2011.

In the fall, a judge summoned both Fulton County Sheriff Ted Jackson and Commission Chairman John Eaves to appear in court and explain the jail's continued issues with overcrowding, understaffing and more than 1,000 faulty locks.

The jail has been monitored by the courts since 2006. Authorities said the locks — all except those in the medical wing — should be replaced by July, at a cost of nearly $5 million.