Officers follow blood trail after burglary suspect nearly cuts off hand

Burglary detectives tracked a nearly-dead burglary suspect by his abundant blood flow Friday after the 40-year-old man almost severed his hand while breaking into Hamilton Road's Henry's Restaurant, police officials said Monday.

Columbus Police Sgt. John Crump said police found Taquawn Pollard faint and dizzy near the 5126 Hamilton Road restaurant around 5:30 a.m. After shattering the front west window with a brick, a piece of plate glass fell and mangled Pollard's wrist, Crump said.

Despite the extreme injury, Pollard wrenched a flat screen TV from the wall and carried it out of the restaurant.

"Somehow he didn't notice and still took the TV," Crump said. "There was blood all over the place, all over the TV."

Police later found the TV shattered near the burglary.

Pollard was taken to Midtown Medical Center. He remains under guard in satisfactory condition, and will be charged with second degree burglary upon his release.

Crump said medical officials initially were unsure whether Pollard's hand would need to be amputated. Police have received no updates as to whether doctors were able to save the limb.

Although Crump said burglary detectives generally do not see injuries as severe as Pollard's, police are often able to tie suspects to scenes using blood left by small scrapes.

"People get injured regularly, breaking out windows and everything," Crump said. "We do DNA tests, and every once in a while we get lucky and get a match. It's hard to say you weren't there when your blood's there."