Court: Nearly amputated burglar arrested after crawl space chase

For nearly 10 minutes, officers cornered burglary suspect Taquawn Pollard under a 51st Street business crawl space after a piece of plate glass nearly lopped the 40-year-old burglar's hand, according to court testimony.

Pollard pleaded not guilty to his charges of second degree burglary and obstructing an officer during a Thursday morning hearing. The suspect sported a cast on his still-intact hand after a days-long stay under guard at the Midtown Medical Center.

Police arrived at Henry's Restaurant and found the front west window shattered around 5:30 a.m, June 20, an officer told the court. There, they found copious amounts of blood pooled inside and outside the entry point.

Authorities later learned that Pollard was injured after he broke the business's window with a brick. While reaching inside, a piece of plate glass fell on the man's wrist. He persevered, however, and grabbed a flat screen TV before fleeing.

While following Pollard's blood trail, police found a set of TV wires laying in the road. They found the cracked TV shoved under the building, along with another pool of blood when they arrived at the 51st Street auto repair shop.

Officers ordered Pollard to come out from under the building, but Pollard only crawled further away. Several officers guarded exit points to prevent the suspect's escape. It took ten minutes before police were able to corner Pollard and taken him into custody, an officer told the court.

Judge Michael Joyner set no bond on Pollard's burglary charge. A $250 bond was set on the remaining charge.