Court: Child molestation fugitive had prior accuser

When a 9-year-old girl's guardians accused Tommie Lee Lias of child molestation in 2007, it was the second time in four years, according to court testimony.

Lias, 49, faced child molestation and aggravated sexual battery charges during a Monday morning Recorder's Court hearing. The hearing comes nearly two weeks after he was captured in Houston by the U.S. Marshal's Service, where he is accused of forging a new identity and obtaining employment.

An officer told the court the victim fretted for two months about her safety before finally confiding in her mother about the incident in December 2007. The victim told her mother that while she was watching wrestling at her grandmother's house, Lias inappropriately touched her and forced her to touch him.

The mother told police she noticed her daughter behaving strangely. At one point, the child was taken to a doctor because she seemed to have difficulty walking. The doctor, however, suggested the change in gait might have resulted from a change in her personal hygiene regiment.

While detectives investigated the report, one of Lias' relatives reported that Lias was confronted four years prior by another family for molesting a 12-year-old girl. That victim, then 16 years old, told police the incident also occurred while she was watching wrestling, the officer told the court.

Lias is accused of fleeing to Texas in 2007 after the 9-year-old girl's family reported the incident. He was captured June 17.

Judge Michael Cielinski set no bond on Lias' aggravated sexual battery charge. A $25,000 bond was set on the remaining charge.