Report: Passenger batters cab driver after taxi breaks down

A 57-year-old taxi cab driver had to defend himself with a wrench Sunday after his 32-year-old customer attacked him while the vehicle was broken down, according to a Columbus police report.

The Bravo Cab employee told an officer he picked up a customer around 1 a.m. near Hilton Avenue. As they approached 19th Street, his car broke down. The victim stopped to fix the problem, which he believed was caused by the battery he replaced earlier in the day.

While he worked on the car with the long wrench, John W. Walden began punching and kicking him, according to the report. The victim, who received lacerations to his elbow, nose and face during the attack, told police he struck back at Walden with a wrench. The suspect received a three to four inch laceration to the side of his head.

Walden was charged with battery and taken to the Muscogee County Jail.