Court: Two charged with meth, Xanax on Airport Thruway

Lack of seat belts led to felony possession of meth charges for a 38-year-old man and 27-year-old woman Friday, according to court testimony.

Gregory Shelton and April Cherry faced additional charges for possession of marijuana and felony possession of Xanax during a Tuesday Recorder's Court hearing.

An officer told the court he stopped Shelton on Airport Thruway around 10 a.m., after noticing several of the passengers in the Ford F-150 were not wearing seat belts. When he ran a check on the passengers' names, he discovered two of the women had warrants for undisclosed charges, according to court testimony.

Police also found a small amount of marijuana in plain sight. After asking to search the car, the officer found six grams of meth in the glove box and several pieces of packaging with meth residue scattered throughout the car. The meth was valued at $600.

About 37 Xanax pills were also discovered, the officer told the court.

Cherry is accused of carrying more than $200 in cash with her during the stop, according to court testimony.

Judge Michael Cielinski set a $15,250 bond for both Shelton and Cherry. They were transported to the Muscogee County Jail.