Three arrested during Sutton Drive drug bust

Columbus Police Department Special Operations Unit agents arrested and charged three suspects for methamphetamine and prescription pill possession Tuesday, officials said Wednesday.

Agents arrested Jay Blackburn, 36, Carolyn Blackburn, 36, and Lillian Burkett-Dion, 53, Tuesday morning after months of investigation into the 3600 block residence. During their search, police found 0.1 grams of meth and three bags of marijuana with a total weight of 23.5 grams. Captain Gil Slouchick said investigators also discovered an undisclosed quantity of steroids and Clonazepam.

An officer assisting in the search was treated for minor medical issues after he encountered a strong mixture of chlorine and bleach in a storage room attached the home's garage.

"We opened the storage shed and there was a concentration of what appeared to be some chemicals," Slouchick said. "And the chemicals overcame him a little bit."

Both Blackburns were charged with possession of meth, marijuana and drug related objects. Jay Blackburn, who was additionally charged with possession of a Schedule III drug, was released Wednesday afternoon on a $17,000. Carolyn was released on a $2,000 bond shortly after her arrest.

Burkett-Dion was charged with possession of a drug related object and possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance. Her bond was set at $6,000.