Court: Man threatens girlfriend's life with Russian Roulette

A 29-year-old man threatened to force his girlfriend to play Russian Roulette after she asked him to move out Tuesday, according to court testimony.

Corey Davis faced aggravated assault and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon during a Wednesday morning Recorder's Court hearing.

An officer told the court police were called to the Fifth Avenue apartment around 2:30 a.m. The 49-year-old victim told police that when she told Davis she wanted to move out, he pulled a black revolver from his back pointed it at her head. He then told her that he was going to kill her and then shoot himself.

As they argued, Davis began taking all the rounds except one out of the revolver, the officer told the court. Davis told the victim they were "going to play Russian Roulette until one of them was dead."

The victim managed to escape and run to a neighbor's home, where she called police. Davis left in the victim's gold colored vehicle, according to court testimony.

Shortly after, another officer spotted Davis on Veterans Parkway and followed the vehicle back to the Fifth Avenue residence. When Davis tried to go inside, the officer stopped him and asked if he had a weapon. Davis initially told the officer no, but when the officer found a black revolver in the grass, Davis told him he threw the gun away because "he didn't want to go back to jail," according to court testimony.

Police later discovered Davis is a convicted felon. The charge he was convicted on was not discussed.

When Davis' girlfriend was asked by the court to verify Tuesday's events, she denied the threats occurred and asked to drop charges. She was taken into custody and given a $150 fine for dropping the aggravated assault charge.

Judge Michael Cielinski set a $5,000 bond on Davis' remaining charge.