Court: Man stuffs three ounces of meth into teen's purse

Police say a 25-year-old man slipped three ounces of methamphetamine into a 17-year-old girl's purse at a traffic checkpoint to avoid arrest Saturday, according to court testimony.

The teen faced possession of meth and possession of drug related objects during a Wednesday morning Recorder's Court hearing. She was arrested alongside Anthion Gamble, who did not appear during the hearing.

Cpl. Nathan Norton said the pair were stopped during a routine traffic checkpoint at the intersection of Cusseta Road and 15th Avenue around 7:45 p.m. When Norton went to speak with the teen, who was driving, he noticed the strong odor of marijuana and asked both occupants to step out of the car.

After bringing K9 units to the scene, officers located a sandwich bag with 93.3 grams of meth stuffed inside a zebra makeup bag in the teen's purse. A digital scale with meth and marijuana residue was also located inside the vehicle.

The meth was valued at $9,330, Norton said.

Though police initially charged both defendants, Gamble later claimed possession of the narcotics and digital scale while speaking with detectives. He told officers he was driving when they approached the road block, but forced the teen to switch seats with him. While she drove, he put the drugs into her purse without her knowledge, believing officers wouldn't search her belongings, according to court testimony.

Judge Michael Cielinski dropped the 17 year old's charges. No bond was set on Gamble's charge of possession of meth. His remaining bond was set at $1,000.