Muscogee County Sheriff's deputy charged with smuggling drugs

A Muscogee County Sheriff's Office deputy was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with smuggling contraband into the Muscogee County Jail, according to a release.

Ramon V. Williams III, 24, was taken into custody Wednesday morning before he was transferred to the Harris County Jail. The arrest was a result of an ongoing investigation that began after Sheriff John T. Darr was given information concerning Williams' alleged violation of Sheriff's Office policies.

Williams has been charged with violation of oath of office, use of communications facility, giving prisoners articles, possession or distribution of controlled substances and crossing guard lines with drugs.

If convicted, Williams could face heavy fines and multiple years in jail.

Violation of oath of office carries a punishment of one to five years of incarceration, according to Georgia Code 16-10-1. Georgia Code 16-13-32.3 stipulates that using a communications facility during the commission of a crime can result in a fine of "not more than $30,000.00 or by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than four years, or both."

Giving an inmate contraband, including cell phones, drugs and weapons, can result in a one to five year sentence, as can crossing the guard lines with drugs.

Maj. Randy Robertson said the Sheriff's Office will not comment on the type of drug Williams is charged with distributing or what kind of articles he gave to prisoners. He also would not say how long Williams' is accused of distributing and smuggling the contraband.

Georgia Code 16-13-30, which Williams was charged under, covers the possession, manufacture or distribution of Schedule I through Schedule V drugs.

In his release, Darr stated that he "will not tolerate criminal activity from any employee of the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office.”

“When a law enforcement officer chooses to step across the thin blue line that separates good from bad they must be required to explain their actions before a jury of peers just like any other citizen," he said.

Williams worked with the Sheriff's Office for around two years and nine months, according to the release. He is scheduled for a Municipal Court hearing Friday at 9 a.m.