'Ain't worth the bullets': Police say man pointed gun at fiancée in front of son

With her 14-year-old son watching, a 33-year-old man put a gun to his fiancée's head outside her 5700 block Blueridge Drive home Tuesday and told her she "ain't worth the bullets," according to court testimony.

Eddie Pitts III faced two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, one count of terroristic threats, one count of second degree cruelty to children, one count of third degree cruelty to children, false info and aggravated assault during a Thursday morning Recorder's Court hearing.

An officer told the court he found the 32-year-old victim standing outside with her son when he arrived at the Blueridge Drive home around 2:15 a.m. Pitts hurriedly went inside the house on seeing the officer, he told the court.

The victim told police Pitts began arguing with her earlier the previous evening about her nephews staying with them during their first anniversary. Pitts said he wanted to spend time with his fiancée "and no other persons," the officer told the court.

The nephews were staying at the home while their parents were on vacation, but went home earlier in the evening.

During the argument, Pitts became violent and began striking the victim in the head and chest area with an open hand, according to court testimony. The officer testified that Pitts seemed heavily intoxicated when police arrived.

While interviewing the victim, the son told officers that he witnessed Pitts press a loaded gun against his mother's head and tell her that she "ain't worth the bullets." The son was initially unable to identify what type of gun it was, but indicated it was a pistol when the officer illustrated the difference between a pistol and a revolver.

Pitts initially denied owning a weapon, saying the victim was the only one who owned a firearm. But when the officer searched the house, he found a loaded 9mm pistol in the closet, according to court testimony.

The officer also testified that Pitts changed his story multiple times during the arrest, at times saying he only pressed his fingers to the victim's head. Later, he made statements that he used a gun and that his gun was "always loaded."

The victim also told the officer that several similar incidents had happened before, but she had never reported them because "she was trying to be a good girlfriend and love her man," according to court testimony.

During the Recorder's Court hearing, the victim told the court she never saw a weapon during the incident and that Pitts never returned to the house to retrieve the weapon. The officer said the victim told him on scene that she did see the pistol.

Judge Michael Joyner warned the victim not to give false testimony to the court. He made special note of the juvenile's absence as a witness during the hearing.

"Yeah, right. That's going to happen, when the 14 year old is not here to say he didn't see a gun or that he made it up," Joyner told defense attorney Shevon Sutcliffe Thomas when Thomas argued the aggravated assault charge should be dropped. Thomas successfully argued for three charges to be dropped: one of the possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime charges, the third degree cruelty to children charge and terroristic threats.

Joyner set a $20,000 bond on his remaining charges. A $150 fine was set for the false information.

He was bonded out shortly after the hearing.