Court: Suspect spits on, threatens to kill officer after Juniper Avenue dispute

Quontahro Chapple first threatened a police officer's life when the officer asked him to come with him, away from his sister, after the two were caught arguing loudly behind a Juniper Avenue home, according to court testimony.

Chapple, 36, faced charges of terroristic threats, interference with government property, disorderly conduct, simple battery and obstructing an officer during a Wednesday morning Recorder's Court hearing.

An officer in the area began investigating a loud argument behind the 2600 block home around 10 a.m., Monday. Once he broke up the dispute between Chapple and his sister, the officer requested backup and tried to separate the two for questioning, he told the court.

But when an officer attempted to take Chapple's sister to the other side of the house to speak with her, Chapple loudly insisted that he "hadn't done anything" and repeatedly screamed "f--- the police," according to court testimony. The officer also testified that Chapple repeatedly used racial slurs against him and threatened to kill him.

When police attempted to calm Chapple, but he continued to yell and assert that he wouldn't cooperate. Officers finally wrestled Chapple to the ground and attempted to escort him to the patrol car, according to court testimony.

During the detainment attempt, the officer told the court he had to punch Chapple in the back of the head to prevent him from biting other police officers. Police say Chapple also continuously spat on the patrol car's windows and told police he hoped they "got Ebola and died," according to court testimony.

Police were briefly able to put a spit mask on Chapple, but the suspect was able to remove it repeatedly while en route to the Muscogee County Jail. The officer told the court Chapple also repeatedly kicked inside the patrol car, at one point managing to kick the officer's radar into the floorboard. Chapple later attempted to bite the radar's cord, according to court testimony.

An earlier report indicated Chapple caused under $500 in damage to the patrol car during the incident.

Once at the Muscogee County Jail, Chapple repeatedly told the officer that he had "better not forget (Chapple's) face" because Chapple intended to come after him after he got out of jail, according to court testimony.

During his hearing, Chapple denied ever threatening the officer's life.

"Everything he just said was a lie," Chapple said. "Yes, I kicked at his car. But I not one time threatened his life at all."

Judge Michael Cielinski sentenced Chapple to 60 days confinement for the disorderly conduct charge. A $9,500 bond was set for the other charges.