Court: Three charged with serving alcohol to minors at Henry Avenue barber shop

Police say employees at a Henry Avenue barber shop provided alcohol to more than 200 people, many of whom were under 21, during an unnamed event Saturday night, according to court testimony.

Reggie Davis, 34, Christopher Griffin, 34, and Markiel Holloway, 45, faced seven counts of reckless conduct, seven counts of furnishing alcohol to minors, seven counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and several other charges during a Monday morning court hearing after their arrest early Sunday morning.

Officers told the court the investigation started when they noticed a large crowd gathered outside Phase 1 Barber Shop at 1163 Henry Avenue around midnight Saturday. Davis had told police in previous encounters that the shop was usually closed well before midnight.

Police found at least 202 individuals inside the barber shop when they approached the business. Investigators later learned that Holloway, who was acting as a doorman, was charging people $5 to enter the business. Though Holloway said attendees 21 years old or older were given red wristbands, he also told police that employees were not asking to see ID, according to court testimony.

Once inside the shop, Davis told police that he paid the rent for the shop and occasionally held events there to make extra money. He also said he had hired Holloway and Griffin to serve as doormen during the event. Officers told the court Davis had no license to serve liquor and no contract authorizing him to hold large events in the space.

When police asked Davis if they could search an office inside the establishment, Davis consented, but said that anything inside belonged to "his guys," according to court testimony.

Inside the office, police found several loaded firearms, a small amount of marijuana and a smoking device. The items were confiscated during the investigation.

At least seven teenagers, the youngest of whom was 15 years old, were found with red wristbands during the investigation. Four of the teenagers acted as witnesses during Monday's hearing. All four told the court they did not drink alcohol during the event.

During Monday's court hearing, Davis said he had discussed holding such events with police during prior encounters. He also said he was renting the space for the event, and that those organizing the event were actually responsible for any contraband or illegal activities discovered during the investigation.

"I don't make a great deal of money, so me renting the place out, it makes a great difference in my finances," Davis said.

Judge Michael Cielinski ordered all three men to spend 60 days in confinement or pay a $600 fine for failing to secure an alcohol license. He also set their bonds at $55,500.