Court: Suspected gang boss 'Kermit Da Gunman' threatened to kill officers during arrest

Investigators say Kenneth Earl Cotton told officers that "a lot of people would like (to see) four dead white cops" when police arrested the alleged Gangster Disciples 7414 leader at a Steam Mill Road home Saturday, according to court testimony.

Cotton, who also goes by "Kermit Da Gunman," faced criminal gang activity, possession of a drug related object, possession of dangerous drugs, theft by taking a motor vehicle and second degree burglary charges during a Tuesday morning Recorder's Court hearing. Cotton's alias was discovered through a Facebook page bearing the same name.

Police arrested the 18-year-old suspected gang boss Saturday while executing a search warrant at a 5200 block home. An officer told the court Cotton's mother told investigators that her son was not home when police arrived at the 5200 block residence. She said she was not sure when he would return, and that she sometimes saw him with his child's mother.

After officers detained Cotton inside the home, they also found a suspected marijuana pipe with a green leafy substance still smoking inside the device. A search of Cotton's bedroom revealed 43 Seroquel pills and a digital scale, police told the court. At least two firearms, shell casings, keys to six different vehicles and four cell phones were also found.

Detectives also found several documents in Cotton's bottom dresser drawer that outlined the requirements for becoming a member of the Gangster Disciples and the group's creed. The papers identified Cotton as the group's "bos," according to an earlier report. Several letters from an unnamed person in an undisclosed detention center were also discovered, according to court testimony.

Cotton is accused of threatening the officers' lives while he was being detained, according to court testimony.

"He told us, 'I have a plan to kill all of y'all. I should kill y'all now cause a lot of people would like four dead white cops," the officer told the court.

Police secured the search warrant for the Steam Mill Road home after a woman reported a hit-and-run accident on Oct. 31. The woman said several men in a Dodge Stratus hit her rear fender around midnight on Oct. 31. When two of the men exited the truck, she noticed they were wearing surgical gloves.

The men asked if they could use her phone since their vehicle had broken down. When she asked what they were going to do about the accident, one of the suspects replied they would do nothing, according to court testimony. The victim told the men that she would call police and they would most likely be arrested.

After she threatened to call police, three men fled the 2002 Dodge Stratus. They called out a fourth person's name, but the victim did not see a fourth person, according to court testimony.

Officers later discovered that the Dodge Stratus was taken from Cash Fast Auto Sales minutes before the crash. The suspects appeared to have heavily damaged a fence at the 3131 Victory Drive business by driving over it, police told the court.

The other suspects in the Oct. 31 burglary have not been named.

Judge Michael Cielinski set no bond on Cotton's gang-related charge. The bond for his remaining charges was set at $42,000.