Former employee reportedly steals from OB/GYN Specialists of Columbus

A former administrator at OB/GYN Specialists of Columbushas been accused of stealing thousands from the workplace during his two years of employment with the business, according to the Columbus Police Department.

After working for the company from June 2012 to November 2014, Micah Carver pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a felony theft by taking charge concerning the fact police believe he took at least $25,000 from the business.

The $50,000 bond Carver was issued during the time of the Sunday arrest was reduced to $30,000, and he was ordered to return back to the Muscogee County Jail immediately following the hearing.

An officer told the court Wednesday that Carver misappropriated money from 24 petty cash checks, unauthorized salary raises and unapproved paid time-off cash outs.

The suspect is also facing tax issues with the IRS concerning an unspecified amount of money, an officer testified.

The company had an accountant, but the accountant said he would was longer with the company after getting into a disagreement with Carver, an employee testified Wednesday.

Represented by defense attorney Stacey Jackson, Carver didn't testify during the hearing.