UPDATED: Columbus man shot Wednesday at Parkwood Mobile Home Park

A 28-year-old man survived a Wednesday evening shooting outside of his Parkwood Mobile Home residence on the 500 block of Farr Road, according to the Columbus Police Department.

The victim, who is now in good condition, was transported to the Midtown Medical Center. He was treated for a gunshot wound above his knee that indicated that the bullet exited through the back of his leg during the 5:10 p.m. offense, officers said in a report.

"It was reported that that the individual who was shot had been in a fight," Columbus Police Maj. Gil Slouchick said. "There was physical altercation, and he was shot after the physical altercation."

Police has issued an outstanding warrant on Ralph Valdes Kimbrough, 22, for aggravated assault in connection to the Wednesday shooting, which officials believe may have involved the use of a pistol.

Officers were notified about the incident after it occurred and headed to the area immediately afterward, reports show.

Police ask that anyone that comes in contact with Kimbrough, someone they consider armed and dangerous, please contact Sgt. Lance Deaton with the Robbery/ Homicide Unit at 706-653-3400.