Golden Donuts operating following early morning grease fire

The kitchen got a little too heated at the Golden Donuts in the 600 block of Manchester Expressway early Friday morning, when a grease fire that injured no one erupted in the occupied area, according to Columbus Fire & EMS.

Columbus Fire Marshal Ricky Shores said the blaze, which fire officials were called to Friday at 4:04 a.m., may have started in the vent hood system. He went on to say that the damage is minor, and the estimated costs for repair is unknown at this time.

"Sometimes, over a period of time, grease can pile up inside of those tubes and from there, it only take a small spark to ignite a flame," Shores said. "So that's what happened. It caught on fire inside that tube."

Golden Donuts was open for business shortly following the incident, the marshal said.

While there are safety measures an individual or business can take to reduce the chances of a grease fire, the possibility of it happening remains, Shores said.

"Certainly, those units are supposed to be cleaned and checked every year," he said. "That's between a private contractor and the company to get that accomplished, but there is no guarantee that even when doing that you won't have a small fire event."