Police: Columbus woman claims she stabbed man in self-defense

Sarah Robinson

Angela Tranell Hardy
Angela Tranell Hardy

The Columbus woman accused of stabbing a man Monday morning in her Spring Creek Village apartment told police that she cut him in self-defense, according to court testimony.

Angela Tranell Hardy, 44, pleaded not guilty to an aggravated assault charge related to the 10:37 p.m. incident. She was ordered held in Muscogee County Jail under a $5,000 bond, and the case was bound over to Superior Court.

Columbus Police Officer Andrew Redmond said he and another officer were called to the 8082 Veterans Parkway apartment complex around 10:38 a.m. Monday to investigate a reported stabbing.

When Redmond arrived on the scene, the victim told him that a woman still in the area stabbed him in his right hand with a small kitchen knife about two inches long. The officer noticed the cut on the backside of the man's hand, which medics treated on the scene.

The victim led the responding officers to the apartment bedroom, where police found the woman (identified as Hardy) sitting on a mattress on the floor.

Police asked the suspected assailant where the weapon was and she told officials it was in the shoe sitting on the mattress next to her. Officials seized the knife from the scene.

Redmond said he placed Hardy in the back of the patrol car and questioned her about the incident.

"She stated that on yesterday's date, (the victim) began arguing with her while she was in bed," Redmond said. "She stated that (the victim) wanted to throw her out of the apartment with no notice, because she didn't want to leave."

According to police, Hardy told the man that she had a small kitchen knife and wanted him to leave the room.

"Ms. Hardy stated that at that time (the victim) became irate and began to walk toward her with his hands raised in an aggressive manner," Redmond said. 

Hardy told police on the scene that she was afraid that the man might her harm, so she grabbed a knife and stabbed him in self-defense, Redmond testified.

Police spoke to the victim again and he gave a different account of the events that led up to the stabbing.

The victim said he and Hardy had been arguing for "several days," but he was talking to her from a distance when she approached him, according to police.

"(The victim) stated that on yesterday's date he was talking to Hardy why he was eating a bold of cereal, which he was holding in his left hand," Redmond told the court. "(The victim) stated that Ms. Hardy then grabbed a knife from next door, with no provocation. Then she leapt off the bed and stabbed him in the hand, which was holding a spoon at the time."

Police said they decided to charge Hardy after finding several drops of blood in the kitchen and hallway but none in the suspect's bedroom. 

"I did also observe a partially eaten bowl of cereal, which was sitting on the kitchen counter right where the trail of blood was leading to from the bedroom," Redmond testified.

The woman didn't testify in court.

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