Man pleads not guilty to loitering for purpose of prostitution

A 24-year-old Ellerslie man was arrested early Monday in a Columbus area near North Lumpkin Road after allegedly trying to sell his services as a prostitute, according to testimony Tuesday morning in Recorder’s Court.

Courtney Davonte Williams, 24, pleaded not guilty to loitering for the purpose of prostitution and giving false information. Judge Michael Cielinski sentenced him to 20 days suspended upon the payment of a $200 fine.

Columbus Police Officer Jason Carden said he was called to the scene near North Lumpkin Road around 1 a.m. Monday after someone reported three suspicious people walking in front of vehicles. In the past, several people have been arrested in the area on prostitution charges.

When police arrived on the scene, they found Williams sitting at a bus stop. He gave them his middle and last names. After struggling to locate the defendant in the database under that name, the officer asked for the suspect’s full name. He then gave the name Courtney Davonte Williams.

Using the full name, Carden was able to confirm that Williams had a probation violation warrant for his arrest.

Carden said he believes Williams purposely gave “the wrong information,” because he knew he had warrant for his arrest. The defendant said he just gave the name people knew him by, and Cielinski told him he should have given his first and last name instead.

The officer said he took Williams into custody when he found a dozen condoms in the defendant’s purse. Carden said the defendant was also “dressed as a woman.”

“Based off of that information, we charged him with loitering for the purpose of prostitution and took him to the Muscogee County Jail,” Carden testified.

Williams told the judge he was dressed in pink men’s clothing, not women’s clothing.

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