Columbus High is one of the best high schools in Georgia, report says. Here’s a list.

Columbus High School is the second-best public high school in the state, according to a national ranking released Tuesday.

The U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 Best High Schools list ranks Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology at the top high school in Georgia. The Lawrenceville school is the state’s only one that made the national top 10, ranking No. 6 in the U.S.

Columbus High’s national ranking is No. 85.

The rankings are based on a school’s performance on the state-required tests, graduation rate and college readiness, according to the report.

The magazine assessed 17,245 public high schools in the nation, including 416 in Georgia and 361 in Alabama, and ranked 12,934 of them, including 317 in Georgia and 248 in Alabama. So the schools below that threshold didn’t receive an individual ranking.

Here are the rankings for the local schools in the Chattahoochee Valley:


2. Columbus, 85th in U.S.

98. Early College, 4,119th in U.S.

106. Northside, 4,307th in U.S.

146. Harris County, 6,173rd in U.S.

153. Hardaway, 6,433rd in U.S.

226. Marion County, 9230th in U.S.

292. Shaw, 11,999th in U.S.

301. Carver, 12,369th in U.S.

315. Chattahoochee County, 12,891st in U.S.

317-416. Jordan, Kendrick and Spencer, 12,935th-17,245th in U.S.


116. Smiths Station, 7,496th in U.S.

204. Central-Phenix City, 11,586th in U.S.

210. Russell County, 11,753rd in U.S.

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