Muscogee County School District to conduct rezoning public hearings

The Muscogee County School District will conduct two public hearings next week about its redrawn attendance zones for some middle schools.

The hearings will be Jan. 29 and Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. in Midland Middle School, 6990 Warm Springs Road.

Opening the district's newest school, Aaron Cohn Middle School, at the start of next school year requires another round of attendance area rezoning.

The Muscogee County School Board expects to vote on the administration's proposal in March so assignment letters can be sent by the end of April, but the public hearings will give folks the chance to voice their input before the plan is finalized. Opinions also can be shared in the online survey at

Mike Hudson, the MCSD student services director, told the school board during its work session Jan. 14 that the goal is to have contiguous zones and move as few students as possible. The attendance zones of Blackmon, Fort and Midland middle schools would be changed. The proposal's numbers look like this:

Out of the district's 7,088 students projected to be in the middle grades next school year, approximately 800 (11 percent) could be moved. That includes:

250 rising sixth-graders, who haven't attended middle school yet. "Unless they have siblings," Hudson said, "it's not like they have any allegiance to a middle school."

259 rising eighth-graders, who can remain in their current school but would have to provide their own transportation to stay there.

286 rising seventh-graders, which amounts to only 4 percent of the total projected middle school students being forced to move from their current school.

MCSD plans to assign 574 students to the new school on Garrett Road in the county's northeastern panhandle. Aaron Cohn was a juvenile court judge for 46 years and earned a bronze star for his service in the U.S. Army during World War II. He died at 96 on July 4.