CVCC enrollment increases

Spring semester enrollment at Chattahoochee Valley Community College has increased 8 percent compared to last year, the school announced today.

CVCC lists 1,758 students, according to its news release.

The increase continues the trend from the fall semester, when CVCC's enrollment rose 6 percent.

CVCC president Glen Cannon said the enrollment surge comes from the school effectively communicating that its a place where students can begin their college experience, leading them to a new career or to the next phase of a four-year degree.

“We hear the word value used a lot, but real value is when quality and cost are matched," Cannon said in the news release. "Low quality with a low price is not value. CVCC combines one of the lowest cost tuition rates in the Chattahoochee Valley area with programs of the highest quality. That is real value.”

In-state tuition, including Columbus area students within 50 miles of the campus, pay $1,680 for 12 credit hours, which is considered a full semester load.