Muscogee County elementary schools improve on math CRCT

Don't tell elementary students in the Muscogee County School District that they aren't math people.

While the majority of elementary schools in the county remained below the state average in math scores for grades 3-5 on the 2014 Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, most of those schools are closing the gap in dramatic fashion.

The results, released Tuesday, showed that 24 of the county's 33 elementary schools performed below state average in math. But 18 of those 24 schools -- or three-quarters -- improved their math test scores from the prior year, while the state as a whole showed a slight decline.

And nine of those 18 schools -- exactly one half -- showed double-digit growth.

Key Elementary School, south of Victory Drive near Fort Benning, heads the list. Ranked dead last in the district on the math CRCT in 2013, it saw only about 28 percent of its third graders pass in math, and its overall math average for grades 3-5 was 47 percent.

This year, the average percentage of Key students passing the math test in grades 3-5 was 76 percent, an increase of nearly 30 points.

About 84 percent of Key's new group of third graders passed the math test, and this year's fourth graders -- last year's underachieving third graders -- reached a passing rate of 60 percent.

Other schools with double-digit gains in math included Dawson, Fox, River Road, Brewer, Forrest Road, South Columbus, Waddell and Wesley Heights. All but River Road are identified on the district website as Title I schools.

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