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Chattahoochee Chatter! Contenders, PC lawyers, Sunday sales

Welcome to Chattahoochee Chatter! And no, that set of wind-up chompers doesn’t represent teeth chattering from the cold. After all, we’ve been running our air conditioners for at least a couple of weeks now.

No, the chompers represent all the interesting things that people in the Chattahoochee Valley are chitter-chattering about.

This week, we’ll warm up with a few mild tidbits from either sides of the river, things that will have you saying, “Hmm, that’s kind of interesting. But I could do better.”

Of course you could. So while you read today’s offerings, think about how you could do better, and then give us the goods. And no, it doesn’t have to be about politics.

Here we go:

If you were hoping to see a race next year for Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit district attorney, you could be in luck. Looks like Mark Post, the former top assistant DA under Gray Conger, has been exploring the possibility of a run against first-term incumbent Julia Slater, who plans to seek re-election.

Contacted Wednesday afternoon, Post said he was “exploring the possibility.” So we’ve pretty well established that he’s exploring the possibility.

Others close to the local courthouse say Post is getting ready to run as a Republican against the Democratic Slater. Post was with the local district attorney’s office from 1993 to 2008. He left after Slater unseated Conger. Post is working in the seven-county Pataula Circuit, which is based out of Cuthbert.

If that’s a little too civil for you, listen to what folks are rumbling about in Phenix City:

Seems that the Phenix City Council is considering appointing attorney Kenneth Funderburk to the Phenix City School Board. Yes, it has the power to do such a thing.

But did we mention that Funderburk represented the city when the school board filed an injunction against it?

And we hear that the Crimson Tide has nominated Nick Saban to call Auburn’s offensive plays during next season’s Iron Bowl in Jordan-Hare Stadium.

We had one of our reporters call Mr. Funderburk about the rumor, to which he replied, “Until they” -- meaning city officials -- “do something about that, rumor is all it is.”

So until it becomes a reality, it’s just a rumor.

Got it?

So you live in Columbus and you’re looking forward to never making another trip to the beer aisle of the 13th Street Piggly Wiggly in Phenix City?

Well, don’t count your chickens before they hatch, or your pork cutlets before you chicken fry them.

Sure, the Sunday alcohol sales bill is expected to face a Georgia House vote next week -- and even the world’s strongest opposition believes it will pass easily and be swiftly signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal.

But the world’s strongest opposition also reminds us it will have to clear two more votes.

By the world’s strongest opposition we of course mean Georgia Christian Coalition President Jerry Luquire, the new face of Columbus, Ga., in the capitol.

And by two more votes, Luquire means the vote of Columbus Council and the vote of local residents.

So would Columbus Council actually vote to approve putting Sunday alcohol to a vote of local residents? Luquire says he plans to lobby the councilors to keep the measure off the ballot “with every fiber of my being.”

We believe him, and so should you.

Along with folks on the other side of the issue, Luquire points out local elected officials have been staying away from this one.

“I have heard nothing -- not one word,” Luquire says. “Nor have I heard from any pastors in this city. Not one word.”

So city council could put the Sunday sales question on local ballots as soon as this fall. Or it could wither under the wrath of Luquire.

For now, you take the 13th Street bridge into Phenix City and the Pig’s on the right. Last we checked, they had both Budweiser and Yuengling. (We took a wrong turn while shopping for lettuce.)

See you next week! Send us some chatter!

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