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Chattahoochee Chatter: What goes up, must come down

Regular visitors to the Columbus Government Center are following a new rule about traveling between floors of the 11-story building.

The new rule is: Take any elevator you can get, no matter where it's going -- up or down.

With some Government Center elevators still out of service for repair, folks are finding they need to budget time just to wait for one to arrive, once they push the call button. If the first one that comes is going up, but they want to go down, they get on it anyway. It can't go up forever, after all, so it must eventually go down, and going up first sure beats waiting for one long delayed.

So remember that, if you have business at the government tower: It's better to get an elevator going the wrong way than get no elevator at all.

Speaking of going nowhere fast

A Concerned Reader, as Mike Owen likes to call members of his Ledger Inquirer audience, called to correct him on his recent column about the pedestrian bridge between Cusseta Road and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

"That bridge isn't for pedestrians," the caller snapped. "It's for school children."

We might stand corrected, if we had any idea what she was talking about.

Tired of this year's election cycle already? Join the crowd. But here's a tidbit from someone who just ran for office.

Chatter applauds this item from Owen Ditchfield in last month's South Columbus Concerned Citizens newsletter:

"FINALLY Now that the primary elections are over and there are very few non-partisan races undecided, let's all support those newly-elected and incumbents who had no opposition. We can support them by giving them well-intentioned feedback, both positive and negative, so they know how their policies and actions are being received. Of course, it's not over until November, so we'll still be seeing a lot of signs, getting a lot of robo-calls, and watching many TV ads, but that's the way our country works."

Ditchfield used to represent District 7 on the Muscogee County School Board. He lost the May 20 three-way race for the board's at-large seat to Kia Chambers, who also defeated Nate Sanderson.

And, finally, remember that your job could always be worse. You could be a, well, you get the point.

The online job site CareerCast has issued its 2014 lists of the best and worst jobs of the year. So, yes, like life, there are winners and losers. And without further adieu, the Top 10 best jobs are

10. Speech pathologist

9. Occupational therapist

8. Computer systems analyst

7. Software engineer

6. Dental hygienist

5. Audiologist

4. Actuary

3. Statistician

2. University professor (tenured)

1. Mathematician

And the Top 10 worst jobs are

10. Corrections officer

9. Firefighter

8. Garbage collector

7. Flight attendant

6. Head cook

5. Broadcaster

4. Taxi driver

3. Enlisted military personnel

2. Newspaper reporter

1. Lumberjack