Chuck Williams

Duck Dynasty: It's never too late to join the party, especially if you are trying to figure out why you are there

I think I figured out why I like Duck Dynasty so much. And Wednesday night's back-to-back episodes offered the reasoning.

Sure, I like it when Uncle Si comes up with a gem like: "I am just like Victoria. She's got secrets and so do I."

But Si and his wit are only part of the charm. The real reason to like Duck Dynasty is when Jase Robertson, the everyman who works for his little brother and has utter contempt for authority looks at his wife and says:

"You LET me hunt? You LET? That's like you LET me breath or LET me go to the bathroom. I'll go to the bathroom when and where I please."

He said it, but you know he doesn't mean it -- or even believe it. But he lives by a redneck code that demands he say it.

Then he takes her hunting -- and a good storyline follows.

The Robertson clan -- and their Duck Commander empire -- live by the code. And they know they have been successful by being true to their country values.

Father Phil Robertson put it best when he found the 40-year-old blueprint to his original duck call.

"I was not as much of a dumb redneck as some would have suspected.

Not at all.

A lot of us have been late to the Duck Dynasty party, but we are here now in big numbers.

Last week, the back-to-back episodes of A&E's redneck gold mine, ranked as the third and fourth most watched cable television shows of the week. Each show drew more than 8 million viewers. Only the Walking Dead on AMC and The Bible on the History Channel did better.

The Louisiana gang of duck-call makers has found a winning formula that is drawing what can only be described as a cult-like following.

Consider this from a Facebook friend of mine: "I just discovered the world of Duck Dynasty about 4 weeks ago. Boy, was I late to the party .. .but at least I made it!"

That's how a lot of folks feel, including me.

A little advice to those who have come in late, watch as many of the back episodes from Seasons 1, 2 and 3 as possible. Old shows air on A&E for the two hours leading up to the 10 p.m. EDT back-to-back new episodes. You can also find them on the A&E website.

Watching those old shows will give you an idea if Duck Dynasty and the Robertson family humor and quirks are for you. It's not for everyone.

So, what's happening tonight?