Dimon Kendrick-Holmes

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes: It's not too early for Christmas music

Maybe you’ve noticed that Sunny 100 has already started playing Christmas music.

This seems to bother a lot of people, right along with the latest BCS poll and the whole concept of the United States of America.

Not me.

I like cold weather. This week, the temperature dropped below 50 degrees, which led my children to speculate whether it might snow this winter. We all hoped that it would.

Then I was driving to work -- I'm one of the last people in Western civilization with neither a compact disc player nor satellite radio in his vehicle -- and I stumbled across the Christmas music on Sunny 100.

I had the same reaction that I have this time every year: Christmas music already?

But most of the station's Christmas music is really about cold weather.

Sunny 100 has 10 different versions of "Winter Wonderland," the most of any of its holiday songs, with performances by Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Amy Grant, Barry Manilow, Air Supply, Johnny Mathis, Colbie Caillat, Jewel, Darlene Love and the Eurythmics.

And there are eight renditions of "Sleigh Ride" (Andy Williams, Amy Grant, Air Supply, the Ronettes, the Boston Pops, Harry Connick Jr. and Johnny Mathis with Percy Faith and his Orchestra).

Oh, and seven rounds of "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Rod Stewart, Harry Connick Jr., Aaron Neville, Chicago and, yes, Andy Williams), and six of "Frosty the Snowman" (Gene Autry, Ray Coniff, Jimmy Durante, the Beach Boys, the Jackson 5 and Willie Nelson).

Sure, the temperature is still a good 15 degrees above freezing, but all that snow music helps me envision snow actually falling on Columbus. And it doesn't show signs of stopping! And I've brought some corn for popping!

But the thrill will soon be gone.

Next week we'll probably be wearing shorts again. No chance to conspire as we dream by the fire. No facing unafraid the plans that we've made. No building a snowman in the meadow and pretending he's a freaking circus clown.

No cheeks nice and rosy. No comfy cozy.

The mercury will climb and the music will blare and blare in every store, and we'll be sick of Andy Williams, Amy Grant and Air Supply.

We'll turn to other music. I've always preferred Christmas hymns, performed by choirs instead of by Kenny G, Jon Bon Jovi and the cast of Glee. As far as modern stuff goes, my kids and I like to go online and find holiday music like "2,000 Miles" by the Pretenders and "Joseph, Better You Than Me" by the Killers. Weezer has a pretty good version of "O Holy Night."

But that will come later.

For now, it's 100.1 and cold weather songs for me.


Dimon Kendrick-Holmes, executive editor, at dkholmes@ledger-enquirer.com