Dimon Kendrick-Holmes

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes: It's summer before it's summer

Today's the first day of summer.

But in my book, it's already been summer for more than a month.

For starters, school's out, which means my daughter's off working at a summer camp, and my three sons and I are improving our minds by watching YouTube videos.

For example, on Thursday night we watched a baseball player take a soft toss from a buddy and hit a ball off a trampoline set up at the shortstop position, which caromed over to a trampoline at first base, which ricocheted over to a trampoline at third base, which shot over to a trampoline near second base, which kicked back to the player, who hit the ball again.

He did this over and over again -- eight times, to be exact -- before his buddy tossed him another ball, and he kept both balls in play for another five swings apiece before launching them over the fence.

In all, he hit the ball perfectly 18 times to the first trampoline, sending it careening perfectly off each trampoline a total of 72 times.

Google "baseball trampoline" to see for yourself.

If you want to be a hater, your next search could be "baseball trampoline fake video trick." But it's summer, and we choose to believe.

Our next search is "Clayton Kershaw no-hitter," which is also incredible, but also undeniably grounded in reality.

We know it's real because the great Vin Scully, who's called a remarkable 19 no-hitters in his career, is doing the play-by-play.

Which leads us to an audio clip of Scully's 1962 call of the Sandy Koufax no-hitter against the Mets.

Which leads us back to video and Scully's 1988 call of a gimpy Kurt Gibson's walk-off homer against the A's in Game 1 of the World Series.

While Gibson is still on deck, one son, apparently not a student of baseball history, wanders into the den and then hollers that the secret ingredient on "Iron Chef America" is ribeye steak.

Yes, for one hour, two chefs each prepare a five-course meal, with each course featuring the most marbled and therefore most ideal cut of steak.

Count us in. At least, it sure beats doing homework.

Another sign it's summer is Facebook, where you'll find candidates relaxing after May's hard-fought election. On Teresa Tomlinson's page, she's riding bicycles with husband Trip in the Windy City. "Columbus' First Family," reads the caption written by Betsy Covington, "explores the Complete Streets of Chicago, where we're learning how to design a livable city for all."

Meanwhile, Tomlinson's recent opponent, Colin Martin, announced on his page that he was "at the hamburger eating contest between the FOP and Columbus Firefighters Association."

Even incumbent John Wells, who in a month faces a run-off election for the District 2 Muscogee County School Board job against John Thomas, was kicking back and enjoying life.

He posted a photo of two of his grandchildren "enjoying a blackened grouper plate with me" in Panama City Beach. Another photo shows "grandfather's hand coaching (grandson's) hand as he experiences holding his first little frog!"

Ah, the lazy days of summer.

Just as they began before summer officially began, they'll also end before summer officially ends.

Enjoy them while you can.

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