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Good news to report from Midtown, probably

A concerned Midtown resident may have bought this problem house on Virginia Street, with an eye toward razing or renovating.
A concerned Midtown resident may have bought this problem house on Virginia Street, with an eye toward razing or renovating. mowen@ledger-enquirer.com

We may have some good news to report to long-suffering residents of a Midtown neighborhood.

Our readers will recall a long-standing problem at the corner of 15th Avenue and Virginia Street. There, a house had been vacant for months, if not years. The owners lived in Americus, Ga., and had shown little, if any, interest in the house.

When I first wrote about it, I asked if any of our readers knew anything about the family that owned the house and got a good deal of response, confirming what I had ascertained from city records and filling in some of the kind of information that isn’t on file at the courthouse.

As I was preparing to speak to a man who acts as the family’s representative in Columbus, I got a call from another source who said a local man was interested in buying the house and either renovating it or just tearing it down and clearing the lot. Either would be a tremendous improvement, because at the time not only was the house vacant and deteriorating, as vacant houses will do, but it also had a large tree atop its now collapsing front porch and part of the house.

At about this time, I also spoke to the city about the problem property.

John Hudgison, director of Inspections and Code, said the city had inspected it and had initially condemned it. But upon further review decided that it might be salvageable, so they removed it from the list and went about contacting the owners.

Well, long about this time, someone got the tree cleared off the property, and then I got a call from the family’s local representative. He had looked over the house and said he told the family it wasn’t worth saving.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“You want to buy it?” he replied.

“No,” I said, “but I might know someone who is interested.”

So I put the two people in touch with each other and went on to other things, such as finding state representatives in places where you usually don’t find lawmakers. As far as we know.

Then I got a tip from another source last week who said the concerned midtown resident had indeed bought the house and is in the process of assessing his options.

Like I said earlier, either way they decide to go, it will be an improvement.

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