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Not sure what to think of ‘Dragonfly’

Asphalt has been removed along the right side of Linwood Boulevard to make way for The Dragonfly path.
Asphalt has been removed along the right side of Linwood Boulevard to make way for The Dragonfly path. mowen@ledger-enquirer.com

A Somewhat Underinformed Reader called last week, more than a little miffed about road work being done on Linwood Boulevard between 10th and Fifth Avenues.

“Why are they tearing up half the road?” he said. “I ride that road every day and there was nothing wrong with it.”


I explained that the work is part of the growing network of bicycle and pedestrian paths that will make Columbus a nicer place to live, especially for millennials, as they tend to eschew cars so they can afford more craft beer and beard-grooming equipment.

“It’s been in all the papers,” I said.

“So that’s what that is,” he replied. “I thought that was over off South Lumpkin on the south side.”

“That’s a different one,” I said.

“Do we really need both of them?” he asked.

“There are southside millennials, too.”

Remarkably, that assuaged the man, but left me miffed that he hadn’t seen any of the many stories we’ve published on the project. Oh well.

So I might as well update the project, this section of which will finally connect the city’s two primary alternative transportation paths – the Riverwalk and the Fall Line Trace. It will hook up with the Trace where it ends on 10th Avenue near the Midtown Medical Center, go down 10th to Linwood, then to Fifth Avenue, then to 14th Street and then a straight shot to the Riverwalk at the Frank Martin Pedestrian Bridge, or as it’s known in Midtown, The Butch.

They hope to have the thing finished and open by mid summer.

This connecting path is going to be called the “Dragonfly,” and I’m not sure what I think of the name. I understand the reasoning, because the presence of dragonflies indicates that the water they’re around is clean and healthy. But “Riding the Dragonfly” sounds like something the vice cops might bust you for.


I must apologize for a comment I made in the recent column about the big blob of asphalt alongside the Northfolk Southern rail crossing on Second Avenue at 20th Street. I may have suggested that railroads are not known for getting stuff done with lightning speed.

Well, I was wrong. On Monday, the day the column appeared in the paper and the day after it was posted online, I got a call from the railroad saying it would be taken care of this week. And it was, on that same Monday.


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