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Steam Mill homeowner wants utility pole issue resolved

A four-foot section of an old broken utility pole hangs suspended from power lines on Steam Mill Road.
A four-foot section of an old broken utility pole hangs suspended from power lines on Steam Mill Road. mowen@ledger-enquirer.com

We have a Frustrated Reader out on Steam Mill Road who is pleading for help in getting AT&T to remedy what he calls an unsafe situation.

Almost a year ago, our reader says, a car ran off Steam Mill right around his driveway and plowed into a utility pole, snapping it.

“Georgia Power immediately replaced the pole,” he wrote. Within a couple of days, the cable company had moved their lines to the new pole. No one knows how to get AT&T to come out and raise their drop line.”

He said he has spoken to several people, but they haven’t been able to him to the right person.

“I do not have AT&T service so they do not want to speak with me,” he wrote.

He said it’s not just that the situation is unsightly, though it certainly is.

“Friday I had new appliances delivered. The Lowe's truck could not get into my driveway, and had to park in the busy road to facilitate the delivery,” he said. “Their lines are hanging at an unsafe level!

“Can you help me get to the right person to get this dangerous situation resolved?”

No problem. I live to serve.

I called AT&T spokesman Terry Smith, who said he would send the address over to a crew to go out and confirm that it’s an AT&T cable, and if it is, they will start the ball rolling on getting the lines moved over to the new pole.

As for how long it takes to switch over cables, Smith said there is no way to tell until the crew sees the pole and lines and assesses numerous factors, such as if there a cable running down the pole into the ground or into a manhole, the number and types of cables involved and if there are other items on the pole, such as a terminal, and how many people are being served.

“There are so many variables that there is just no pat answer to that question,” Smith said.

As for when the utilities move their lines, Smith said the phone company and cable companies always follow Georgia Power. That makes sense, because it’s Georgia Power that is installing the new poles, so they’re already there first, and the power lines always go at the very top of the poles so other utilities don’t have to work among them.

Messing with a power transmission line is a good way to wake up dead.

Smith said if people see situation like this one or any other problem, such as downed telephone lines, they should call 1-800-288-2020.

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