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Dead trees worry players at Cooper Creek Tennis Center

One of the dead trees at Cooper Creek Park that could endanger park patrons.
One of the dead trees at Cooper Creek Park that could endanger park patrons. mowen@ledger-enquirer.com

A Concerned Friend named Kristie is an excellent tennis player. She plays tennis about as often than Keith Richards takes a drink.

But she’s worried about a situation at Cooper Creek Tennis Center, where she most often plays.

“The dead trees at Cooper Creek behind courts 19 and 20 are still there and dropping branches,” Kristie said. “Someone is going to get killed or their car will be hit if they don’t bring down those trees.”

I figured this would be a job for he Urban Forestry and Beautification Division, but I decided I’d call Parks and Recreation, since they are responsible for the parks.

Parks and Rec Director Holli Browder said she was not aware of the situation, but is glad she is now. She confirmed that Urban Forestry is in fact the division that would do the felling.

“I’ll put in a work order immediately with Urban Forestry,” Browder said. “Ask your friend, any time she sees something like this in the future, to call the 311 center and report it. Or she can call this department directly, and we’ll put in a work order.”

Browder also appreciates when park users report problems.

“Tell her I said thanks,” Browder said. “It’s great to have extra sets of eyes out there.”


Kristie, Holli says thanks.


I got a nice email from our Concerned Reader on Steam Mill Road, the one we wrote about last week.

A utility pole had been smashed and replaced, but a couple of utilities had yet to move their lines over to the new pole, so about a four-foot chunk of the old pole was suspended by the wires, which were being dragged down precariously low. In fact, Judy said delivery trucks couldn’t get into her driveway. But they can now.

“Well, you are most certainly the person to make things happen!” Judy wrote. “The day your front-page story hit the paper, the truck from AT&T was at the end of the driveway at 8:45 a.m.

“Thank you for being involved, and for helping take care of a situation I could not get fixed. I appreciate what you do, and what you did to help me.

Any time, Judy. Glad this one turned out a success.

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