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Inquirer: Woman wants trashy trash man to clean up mess

An Irritated Reader named Joyce wrote to me last week to talk trash.

It seems when the city garbage truck crew came by her house recently, they apparently left behind more than they took with them.

As you might imagine, she was not amused.

"Hello, Mike,

'My home is located on a "straight-stretch"'of road that obviously seems like a perfect spot for people driving by to dump all the trash out of their vehicles.

"I've tolerated this for years, but I CANNOT let this particular event go by without sounding off!

"I have had back surgery and am currently healing from a broken kneecap. Needless to say, right now it is difficult to maintain my lawn. My garbage is picked up Monday and Thursday, a service for which the City is paid.

"Please see attached pictures AFTER my garbage was picked up Monday, Oct. 27.

"There is no excuse for this. I feel that the city should have the same person who left it like this to come back and pick it up!


Well, Joyce, if you didn't call the city, you should have. While they might not send the same guy or guys back out, they will send someone out to clean up a mess the sanitation crew made.

You can call 311 or 706-653-4000 to report any problem you have.

As for disciplining the workers, what can you do? Arrest them? They're already county prison inmates, so some of them might not have an ideal work ethic.

Now, I'm sure many of them take pride in their work and are glad to get outside the walls for a while every day. But obviously whoever did Joyce's route that day didn't fall into that category.

And if you're waiting around for the city to change that policy and hire sanitation workers from outside those walls, don't hold your breath.

According to the county prison's web page, they send about 425 prisoners out on work crews every day to do things like pick up trash and garbage and do other chores.

They also say that if they were to hire 425 new employees and pay them what even the lowest-paid city worker costs the city ($24,000 a year) it would cost the Consolidated Government more than $10 million a year.

And as anyone who has sat through a city budget season knows, there's not $10 million, or even $10,000, sitting around waiting to be spent.

So Joyce, if you didn't call the city, you should have. Not only would they send someone out, but they can figure out from their schedule which crew was responsible for the mess.

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