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Inquirer: Time to assess what progress we've seen around town

Alert Readers -- and trust me, I have several -- have mentioned that there haven't been the traditional "updates" at the end of recent columns.

I could say, "So sue me," but in the current climate in this city, I dare not.

Or I could make excuses. But I've found it's better to make amends.

So let's drive around town and see what's been fixed and what hasn't. Hey, gas is under $3 a gallon, so why not pull out the stops?

The aforementioned Alert Readers will remember a couple of weeks back when I reported on a boggy stretch of Veterans Parkway sidewalk just north of Talbotton Road. As it turns out, it's a chronic problem in that spot because of natural springs on the wooded hillside above the sidewalk.

But one of our city officials, who is at present neither suing the city nor being sued by a fellow city official (and that's a dwindling number), said she would get a crew right on it.

And she apparently did.

A stretch of that boggy stretch appears to have been scraped clean of the muck and gravel that washes down. But the rest of the stretch, and it's really the worst part of it, doesn't appear to have been addressed.

Maybe they cleaned it up and it got mucked up again, or they for some reason didn't finish the job. Either way, it needs cleaning up, either still or again.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of that column, a few newsroom colleagues chided me for making a bit of an issue about the profane language used by the Concerned Reader who phoned that complaint in. She said she'd almost slipped and busted her backside, but she didn't say backside.

So what's the big deal with that, my friends asked. Perhaps I didn't make it clear that she didn't just use the three-letter slang for one's backside. She used what English major types would call a compound modifier, perhaps hyphenated, before the noun.

Feel better now?

Meanwhile, another complaint from a Concerned Reader has finally been cleared up completely.

A while back, Concerned Reader Betsy complained (very politely, I might add) about a utility pole on 13th Street near Dinglewood that had been cracked almost in half by a car. It was tied off to a chain link fence and hung precariously out over the street. We reported on it and Georgia Power put in a new pole and moved their power lines within just a few days. But the old broken pole remained for weeks because the other utilities hadn't moved their wires.

Well, Betsy can breathe more easily now. The old pole is gone.

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