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Ledger Inquirer: Brief look back reveals mixed results

Mike Owen/mowen@ledger-enquirer.comThe city used large rocks and concrete to shore up this eroding creek bank on Booth Street.
Mike Owen/mowen@ledger-enquirer.comThe city used large rocks and concrete to shore up this eroding creek bank on Booth Street.

We have a saying here at Inquirer Central: "Somebody needs to make a beer run."

But wait, that's not the expression that applies when we discuss how well we've been getting results lately, which is what we're doing today. That one is: "Some days you're the windshield; some days you're the bug."

Last week we wrote about a tree out in Green Island Hills that sits smack dab at the edge of Barschall Drive in the middle of a sharp turn. Concerned Reader Libbie said some cars have sideswiped the tree because it literally touches the blacktop at its base.

The city put up those yellow and black warning signs on either side of the tree, but Libbie didn't think that was enough. Well, Libbie, I'm sad to report that Ron Smith, deputy director of Public Works, said the city's been out there and they don't think it presents a danger to drivers, and that's the only reason they would take down a perfectly healthy tree.

Besides, a couple of readers told me to check out a tree on Gordon Avenue in Overlook that is much farther out in the street. And they were right.

Bug 1, Windshield, 0.

A few weeks back we wrote about a drainage ditch that runs alongside Booth Street on the other side of town, off of Floyd Road. There, Concerned Reader James was alarmed that a stretch of the bank was eroding to the point that it could imperil the road itself, not to mention people driving on it.

The city's response was initially to put up a couple of these orange and white striped sawhorse-type barriers, which didn't impress James. But as it turned out, the city had planned to address the erosion, but with all the other problems caused by December's epic rains, it got nudged down the list.

Well, I went out there last week and they'd addressed the beejeebers out of the problem. With large rocks and lots of concrete, the city made sure that the erosion wouldn't return there for 100 years or so.

Windshield 1, Bug 1.

Finally, some readers may remember a while back we wrote about the series of signs along Broadway that show folks where points of interest are along the famed boulevard.

Many of them were blocked by foliage that had grown up too high.

Not exactly a safety hazard, because if you really require the signs to navigate a four-block stretch of straight road, you might want to consider skipping a few of those bars along the way.

But anyway, I drove up and down Broadway and noticed that a lot more of the signs are visible than before, but not all of them. So I don't know if individual merchants are clearing the signs near their businesses or if the city just did an incomplete job.

I'll find out, but until then, I'd say the windshield inched ahead of the bug today.

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