Richard Hyatt

Richard Hyatt: 'Frozen' keeps getting hotter this year

Let it go, Disney. Let us shop one store and one aisle without Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven jumping in our shopping carts and picking our pockets.

If you're an icy soul that has not seen "Frozen" the movie, then you might not know these characters. Released last year, it is the most popular animated movie in the world and the fifth most popular box office attraction of all time.

Walt Disney has always been good at turning films into product. Long ago I remember Davy Crockett who was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee where he learned to entice little boys into wearing silly coonskin hats.

The latest is "Frozen," a delightful kids movie with songs you can't get out of your head.

As Christmas nears, items bearing its brand are among the season's hottest items.

Without warning, the Snow Glow Elsa doll has become the Tickle-Me-Elmo of 2014, with experts predicting a $1 billion phenomenon for Disney licensed merchandise.

It is an inescapable juggernaut. You just thought you overdosed at Halloween when all the little girls showed up at your door dressed as Elsa and Anna. Prepare yourself for more as the retail frenzy officially begins.

Santa Claus, meet Sam Walton.

Stores are stocked with Crystal Kingdom vanities, castles and play sets, baby dolls, huggables, collectibles, singing snowmen, boom boxes, light-up sneakers, board games, singing books, Anna and Elsa skating dolls and assorted dresses and costumes.

If that cute little snowman with the carrot nose is your child's favorite, then there is an Olaf beanbag chair, a put-me-together character that reminds you of Mr. Potato Head, and an ice cream maker that lets Olaf puke up ice cream.

It is all from the over-the-top department, but you'll also be overwhelmed if you shop for little girl's clothing and find the kid's department overflowing with images of the princesses, the snowman and the goofy reindeer.

Smaller items require pocket change. Larger ones may call for a second mortgage. And if you're going to Disney World, take your banker along, for Anna and Elsa are already there.

I could see the toy and gift explosion coming, but when we were on the produce aisle and saw a bag of Granny Smith apples with the "Frozen" brand on the package I wished I could turn Elsa back into an ice cube.

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