Tim Chitwood

Smells like phish

The toy department of human life, it's Monday Mail.

Mock the votes. Just one more day and with TADs we may be done. Polls will be open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday for Columbus' vote on Tax Allocation Districts, a referendum that actually could pass, if proponents are about the only people who bother to cast ballots. If on a whim you decide to go tap on the ol' touch-screen voting machine, don't forget your photo ID.

Jock book notes. Author Chris Crutcher, who writes fiction for young adults, will be at the Columbus Public Library for a program in the CB&T room at 7 p.m. Thursday. He's the author of "Athletic Shorts," a book of short stories about young athletes dealing with issues like race and homosexuality. Crutcher's to talk about writing and censorship. At 7 p.m. Wednesday, the library's to host a reading by visiting Carson McCullers Center writer Mylène Dressler (www.mylenedressler.com), author of "The Deadwood Beetle," "The Medusa Tree" and "The Floodmakers."

Coyote crossing. From Guerry Clegg comes this e-mail in regard to a report last week on increasing complaints of coyotes in Columbus neighborhoods:

Tim, Drew and I were driving through the north end of Columbus Park Crossing shortly after it opened. We saw what looked something like a fox but the size of a German shepherd. I knew it had to be a coyote, but I didn’t think they existed here any more. The only missing piece of evidence was something from the Acme Roadrunner Trapping Co. Guerry. P.S. Let me know if you know someone who wants a deal on a fixer-upper down the street from you.

Dear Guerry: OK. Is the fixer-upper a house, a car or a person? Who's in your wallet? And finally, we have this alarming e-mail that claims it came from Capital One:

Dear Cardmember, Continuous Monitoring is an integral part of Capital One's multiple layers of security. In addition to other fraud monitoring tools, we can often spot fraud based upon transactions on the card that are outside of cardholder's typical purchasing pattern. This allows us to spot fraudulent activity as quickly as possible and acts as an early-warning system to identify fraudulent activity. During a recent checkout we detected suspicious activity and your account may have been compromised. Fraudulent activity made it necessary to limit your account for online services. To conform to our security requirements and in order to continue online services, we must validate your identity. Please use our link below to proceed. Thank you for using Capital One Online Account Services, Capital One Services.

Dear Phisher: Maybe the suspicious activity compromising credit card accounts is caused by identity thieves like you.