Tim Chitwood

By the school yard

When the papa found out he began to shout, “It's Monday Mail.”

Home number.

People still are volunteering to help Theresa Jones,whose fire-damaged Beallwood home was condemned by thecity before the community came to her aid, demolishingher old house and working to build her a new one. A Saturday update on this effort directed otherprospective volunteers to a single telephone number.That’s burning up a cell phone, so Lori Lockwood askedthat folks contact her at 706-593-6167. Donations cango to the Special Fund for Theresa Jones, accountnumber 17378729, at any CB&T bank.

Schoolyard bully.

An April 6 column on a Deli Central worker punchedwhile dressed as a giant sandwich reported that no onecalled 911, but, “Later Uptown Columbus found out andgave police a shout and started the investigation.”

That allusion to a Paul Simon song prompted thismessage from local music critic Curtis Lynch, whotitled it, “Didn’t I see you and Julio down by theschoolyard Sunday morning?”

Started the investigation, indeed. Nice.

Curtis Dear Curtis:

Thanks. You know, a campy, cameo-laced video of thatsong's at www.youtube.com/watch?v=O859wd7H6h8&feature=related. I like it almost as much as “Cecilia.” Breakin’ my heart. After last week’s Monday Mail used anonymous postingsmade to columns online, these two comments popped up:


You actually check to see what people are sayingabout you? And it merits a comment from you? Guess youare full of something.

Posted by: Anonymous

Hey Anonymous, You made me smile this morning. Thanks! Posted by: MG

Dear Posters:

Thanks for so modestly suggesting your comments areunworthy of consideration.

Thanks also for illustrating this point: Readers findtaunts and insults more interesting than praise, andWeb postings are a reliable source, because peopleanonymously say things they wouldn't have the guts tosay if they had to give their names. So this remindsother readers they're welcome to go towww.ledger-enquirer.com, click on my column and postwhatever they want.

Thanks again, and feel free to use this to measurethe merit of your remarks.