Tim Chitwood

A time for rebirth

On that razor edge between the past and the future, it's Monday Mail.

Ephemeral emerald. It’s spring in Columbus: The trees are light green. The dogwoods have bloomed and the magnolia awaits. This peak of the season prompted an e-mail regarding last April’s column on spring. The subject line is“Wish I’d said that.”

Ah, ephemeral spring. Wales Whitt, Columbus

Dear Wales: You don’t have to say it. Just breathe it in.

Movie marathon. Chattahoochee RiverWatch hosts the Patagonia Wild & Scenic Film Festival 7-9 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the auditorium of the Columbus Public Library on Macon Road. The 16 films are described under “Event Calendar” at www.chattabout.org, with a link to trailers. The free movies range 2-38 minutes.

Home page. The folks helping build Theresa Jones a new house after the city condemned her old one now have a Website, www.stixy.com/guest/25310. Organizer Lori Lockwood said they still need concrete. Anyone wanting to help may call her at706-593-6167 or donate to the Special Fund for Theresa Jones, account number 17378729, at any CB&T bank.

Here's a response to a report last week on Jones' 10-year-old felony record, which she said reflects alife far in her past: Tim, What possible good can come of your senseless "expose" — and FRONT page no less — of Ms. TheresaJones? I don't know how you have the right to throw stones unless you're "perfect," which I doubt. Yousour my stomach! Ted Short Dear Ted: Rumors of Jones' past were spreading on the premise that those helping her would defer if they knew thewhole story. So that had to be brought out and cleared up. Ignoring it would have given some people theimpression this was a scam and a cover-up. Lockwood said so far the news has not dissuaded anyone from helping Jones. Here’s an unsigned e-mail:

What a terrible article you wrote about the lady having a record. My 17-year-old son committed a crime,trying to steal a wallet, and Lord I am glad you don't know him. He is being punished by the law and also hisparents. But I sure would not want this news on the front page. How do you sleep at night?

Dear Unsigned: I read e-mail 'til I doze off. Others offended by that report on Jones' past are welcome to vent their outrage by aiding her cause.