Tim Chitwood

Control your IDD

Distorted by party bias, by rumor, and above all by the press, it's Monday Mail.

Good news.

Columbus Council will not meet again until July 8.

In celebration of this brief respite, a big festival will be held at the Chattahoochee River on July 4, with music and fireworks.

Biased news.

Apparently some readers didn’t think a June 13 preview of a public meeting touting "Infrastructure Development Districts" should have said environmentalists oppose the idea.

Georgia voters in November will decide whether to amend the state constitution to allow IDDs, for which developers can issue tax-free bonds to fund roads, sewers, schools and fire stations needed for big building projects. Privately funding public facilities for planned neighborhoods was among the advantages of IDDs listed in the story, but it also noted critics call IDDs “private cities” that could strain water supplies.

That prompted these two online postings:

What a biased article. I always wonder if those that are always against these things, including Chitwood, even go to the meetings themselves.

"What a biased article" -- you are right. I thought reporters were supposed to keep their opinions to themselves. Just report the news as it is and without making it seem more than it really is. Reporter! They are not reporters, they are politicians.

Dear Posters:

Here’s some more bias: Next time you can’t sleep, keep repeating "Infrastructure Development District" until you doze off.

If that keeps you awake, then you must find it arousing, like it makes you want to nudge your spouse and say, "Hey baby, your Infrastructure Development District’s revitalizing my midtown."

Here’s even more bias: That meeting held in the Government Center’s council chambers and broadcast over the city’s TV channel was so pro-IDD that toward the end, the TV feed had to be cut before a development lobbyist solicited speaking engagements from the civic leaders there.

No opposing view was heard, so I hope you folks complaining about bias were there so you had some more bias to complain about.

Bad news.

You can’t buy missiles for your car, apparently: Tim,

Have you noticed that folks now stop three to four car lengths back in traffic, and then slowly go through the light so you miss the light? Seems they all have a strange mutation where their left hand is attached to the left side of their head. I can’t seem to find any cars equipped with AMRAM or EXOCET missiles in the classified section. Can you tell me which section in the classified ads? Remember I need high mileage and at least two missiles.....


Dear Lew:

Try "Alabama Yard Sales."