Tim Chitwood

Motels, gut bugs and dollar stores

From the coonskin cap on the top of ol' Dan to the heel of his rawhide shoe, it's Monday Mail.


Today's opening is from the Daniel Boone TV theme, which called Boone "the singin'est, laughin'est, happiest man the frontier ever saw." Apparently all that wilderness isolation drove him mad.


Here's a posting from "hogsbreath1" to a July 28 Monday Mail featuring a voicemail from a character calling himself Luther Ledbetter and lamenting the newspaper's lack of coverage of Phenix City's new Dollar General:

Theys a lot we got in Phenix City that Columbus is jelus of. We now have a new Wafful house, our fourth. A Zebs in Ladonia. Four Gils lots. Two year round businesses that teach children how to play ball. A 10,000 square foot indoor batting building. Thirty one ball fields. A horse rink and Sumbry Park. Also twenty one pawn a titles, the world famous Del Ranch, the southeast busiest blood bank. Historical sleeping lodges like The Bamboo, Boones, Sams and the Colonial Inn. We also have the seldom mentioned Teen University on Dillingham and once in a while Roller Derby at the Skate Rink on the 280. Our Wal Mark has been named the southeast busiest Wal Mark. On top of that "The Brickyard Project" will make Phenix City a desternation. Don't show your jelosy Columbus it uncomes you.

Dear hogsbreath1:

Boone's is still there? What's the rate now? I need a place to take a nap.

Just eat it

Here's a posting from Diver00 to a July 27 column on some gut bug people got from eating fresh vegetables. The column suggested people give up fresh vegetables and eat fast food. Like they didn't already do that:

This has got to be one of the dumbest articles I've read yet in the enquirer! You can pick up any number of bacteria from produce that is uncooked. Not only that, curious as to how many of those sick individuals were healthy adults. It's the same thing with the spinach scare. Wash and cook if you feel it's a problem. You aren't going to avoid everything and cutting out fresh produce and heading back to McDonalds definitely is not the answer.

Dear Diver00:

"ONE OF the dumbest" articles? Not "THE dumbest"? What are the others?

Bottoms up

Here's a posting to that column from "nadine":

Take a dose of baking soda or suck a lemon. If there is a worm or a parasite, it will come out.

Dear nadine:

Can't you just drink straight tequila?

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