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Tim Chitwood: Idiot voters' write-ins are not funny

Dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, it's Monday Mail.

Bad review

Here's an email regarding last week's column on Columbus write-in votes from the May 20 election:

After reading your article in today's paper, I felt compelled to send you my reaction. First, let me explain that my husband and I are both baby boomers, born in 1946. Both of our fathers were career soldiers who fought in WWII (Frank's father in the Pacific, mine in France/Germany) and Korea. My father died at age 48 in a VA hospital in Iowa City after a radiation treatment for lung cancer. He was still active duty National Guard. Frank's father suffered a stroke while on active duty in Vietnam and was forced into early retirement before becoming a general.

Point being: the Ledger highlighted today with a front page article "They Did Not Die in Vain" while the opinion page featured an article titled "Precious price has been paid for our freedom". Both articles honored our veterans and military servicemen, both alive and dead, giving them credit for our freedoms, including the right to vote.

Your article verifies that freedom, bought with bloodshed, with a comic attitude. As I read the article I was hoping you would conclude with the fact that, yes, a registered voter can write in a cartoon, or fantasy person and the vote would be counted. But has our country become such a shallow nation that citizens do not take elections seriously? How pathetic to play that up, especially on Memorial Day.

Your sense of humor needs to be kept for "Saturday Night Live" or Comedy Central, not for a serious day like today. Perhaps you have not been touched by a war-related death. You should have been at Wynnbrook Baptist Church yesterday and heard the account of a young wife/mother who received word on Memorial Day several years ago, that her young husband was blown to pieces by an IED, leaving her a widow and mother of an 18-month-old son who would never know his father. You may not have been so anxious write an article that, to me, ignores our intelligence to vote responsibly, forgetting the price it takes to keep that freedom.

I am sending this to you directly ... but I am going to cc it to the editor. He should have questioned your timing. Not tasteful. Perhaps you should write one about the privilege we have to participate in electing our officials, instead of finding humor in the idiots who have no respect for the lives lost to keep it! I'm sad for the immature readers who found humor in such a serious matter.


Barbara Stewart.

Dear Barbara:

Thank you for writing.

I write only a Monday column now, and that happened to be the Monday after Election Day.

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